End of the Year Drone-Orphan Video…and Personal Letter.

Watch this video created by Ankit Reddi, son of Jyothi Reddi, to see some shots of the orphanage and the happy orphans with a special message for you during the holiday season.

A letter from Jamey Green, Executive Director of Hope for Hungry Kids:

Dear friends,

Greeting’s from everyone at Hope for Hungry Kids and from Jyothi’s family and all the children of the orphanage.

Jyothi especially sends his love and gratitude for all the support that his children have received this year. 2016 saw a great increase in donations and for that we are all very thankful.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I know that each of you are looking forward to New Year festivities. I hope that whatever your traditional celebrations are, they will find you healthy and happy.

I want to say thank you for all the monthly donors who never miss your support. That consistent donation is so important to the orphaned children of India.
I also want to acknowledge those that participate in our Benefit Golf tournament each year. Those that play and those that donate your time and money to make this a successful fund raiser your generosity means so much to all of us. If you have never participated in the Benefit Golf tournament it is held on the first Saturday of May each year in Maiden NC at Glen Oaks Gold club. Details will be available on the website and if you request it through our email we will send you any info available.

I can’t say enough about our Benefit Dinner that is held each year on the second Friday of August. We have enjoyed such wonderful participation from so many donors., Pursuit Church (formerly Harvest Cove Community Church) of Denver, NC has partnered with us and provides their facilities for our annual benefit Dinner. We have been blessed to have Jyothi and at least one of his children with us, from India, for two of our 3 annual dinners so far. It looks like he will be with us again in 2017 and we are so excited about that. If you would like to join us for the 2017 Benefit Dinner with a chance to meet Jyothi and hear from him about the orphanage and all the work he and his family do for the children of India, please keep that date open and look for details on signing up for the 2017 Hope for Hungry Kids Benefit Dinner. We always enjoy a wonderful catered dinner, a silent auction with incredible entries, a chance to dress up and have professional pictures made and even get a photo with Jyothi Reddi, the founder of Jyothi’s Home for Children in India.

I fully expect 2017 to be even greater than 2016 for our cause. We have so many people that help and participate and care for this mission. I would love to be able to personally thank everyone face to face but that’s not always possible. If you have ever given a single dollar, or just uttered a sincere prayer for this cause, then you are part of the reason a hungry child could eat. Everyone, regardless of how, that has participated and helped this mission is part of a family now. A family that is adopting children you may never see. Children, that without you, may not be alive tomorrow when the sun rises in Kakinada, India. The situation in this part of India is dire for homeless and orphaned children. You don’t have to research long at all to find how utterly heartbreaking it is for orphaned children in this part of the world.

For all of you that may read this note and you have been supporting other missions or missionaries, God bless you and thank you. But if you are reading this and you are not currently supporting a child or a mission that helps children then I would encourage you to look at what we do.

Come to our dinner and meet the people that are on the front line of this work. Look at our website and see pictures and videos of real live children with the founder and leaders of Hope for Hungry kids in India. This is real and it is serious. We are not a huge international organization with offices everywhere, we are focused on the mission that God has given us at this time and that’s the children of Kakinada, India through the work of Jyothi Reddi and the orphanage he founded in 1994, Jyothi’s Home for Children.

As we approach another blessed year as Americans and we prepare for all that 2017 will bring, please consider a cause that is greater than you and I. Consider what you can do in 2017 that is more than what you did in 2016 for the health of a child in India that you may never know or perhaps never even see. Together we can support someone that has dedicated their life, career and sacrificed so much for a hungry and homeless child. He didn’t know the one child that stole his heart in 1994 would lead to 1000’s of hurting, homeless and hungry children receiving a home, food, education and healthcare by the year 2017. That is a cause greater than you and I and that is a cause worth getting involved in.

Jamey Green
Executive Director
Hope For Hungry Kids
Tel. 704-351-5822

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